Transforming a local low-voltage or medium-voltage power grid into a smart microgrid usually means installing three additional types of systems:

The microgrids of tomorrow are being developed today. Local power grids at industrial sites, campuses, office buildings, warehouses, and residential neighborhoods are being upgraded and extended, boosting their performance and making them more flexible. ENGIE Laborelec is here to help site owners and operators invest wisely in distributed energy resources, local power storage capacity, and smart energy management systems (EMS).

No two projects are alike. Each site is unique, and each business has its own set of challenges, priorities and expectations for the local power grid. Our comprehensive approach helps to tune your aspirations, identify the best opportunities, and ensure effortless deployment with a great return.

Analyze, plan, and implement

ENGIE Laborelec follows a three-phase approach to upgrading your local power grid:

Phase 1: assessing the situation

We analyze your local grid infrastructure, including the performance and health of the available switchgear and cables. We analyze the performance and configuration of the available distributed energy resources such as PV systems or cogeneration units. We also analyze your current and future energy demand, and daily, weekly, and monthly consumption patterns. And we talk to you to get a clear picture of your priorities, targets and aspirations.

Phase 2: drawing up a roadmap

Based on this information, we draw up a roadmap for the future development of the local grid. We outline the various investment options (distributed energy resources, local power storage and grid intelligence), the budgets needed, and the return to be expected in terms of savings, increased availability and reliability, and reduced carbon footprint.

Phase 3: implementing the roadmap

We help you implement and further develop the roadmap step by step:

  • We assist in purchasing assets, for example by writing specifications or an RFP, evaluating incoming proposals, satisfying quality assurance issues, and coordinating installation, implementation, and commissioning;
  • We operate the systems and monitor the grid and its EMS;
  • We evaluate and update EMS parametrization yearly, or where there is a major change in operational circumstances;
  • We critically review the roadmap, re-evaluating the choices made, identifying new opportunities, and defining the next steps.

Reference projects

Read more about the microgrid reference projects carried out by ENGIE Laborelec.

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