A cattle farm in Flemish Brabant, Belgium was suffering from occasional power outages as a result of its biogas plant being unavailable on summer days. Operating a biogas plant on manure is fairly common for cattle farms to ensure sufficient energy supply without the need to upgrade their 3x25A grid connection. However, manure is available only in limited quantities during summer, since cattle graze outside. The biogas plant frequently had to stop for lack of manure, which occasionally resulted in outages when grid supply couldn’t meet demand.

ENGIE Laborelec analyzed the situation in detail, including the farm’s energy demand and production profile throughout the year. We subsequently proposed installing a 9kW/12kWh battery with peak shaving functionality to bridge the periods of biogas unavailability. We also suggested smart control systems to control the energy demand from the farm’s hot water boilers and ice buffer. This also made it possible for auto-consumption of locally produced electricity to be maximized.

The battery and control systems successfully in place, ENGIE Laborelec remotely monitors the grid and provides comprehensive maintenance and update services.

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