Distributed energy resources are playing an increasingly important role in the power supply to industrial sites, campuses, offices, warehouses and local neighborhoods. The various technologies have reached a very high level of maturity, making them suitable now for wider deployment.

Over the past few years, PV has become a mainstream application in both business and residential environments. Wind and biomass power solutions are being deployed at industrial and bio-industrial sites, as are cogeneration units.

And owners are now investing further, triggered by a range of concerns, including rising energy costs, the risk of being exposed to temporary supply shortages, power instability, and the need to lessen carbon footprint.

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The mix that best fits your purposes

There are many options for property owners looking to invest in distributed energy resources. PV is an obvious one. Wind turbines, biomass units and cogeneration systems may require more thought and involve more hassle, but they all are proven technologies.

The difficult part is knowing which distributed energy resources are best for your situation. Or, put simply, how do you invest wisely?

That’s where ENGIE Laborelec comes in. Starting with an in-depth analysis of your current and future energy demand, we can help you select the mix of solutions that best fits your situation, including advising on power storage and grid intelligence systems.

We can guide you through the purchasing process, we can coordinate installation work and, where needed, we can even commission and operate the systems as well as carry out monitoring and maintenance. Read here to see how we approach these projects.

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