It is becoming increasingly important for local grid operators to implement grid intelligence on their power grid. But what is grid intelligence? It can be looked upon as one or more control systems continuously balancing energy supply and demand on the local power grid, with the following interrelated benefits:

  • Reduced total energy consumption, or at least reduced consumption of transmission grid power;
  • Maximized consumption of locally generated power throughout the year—most importantly renewable energy—and reduced carbon footprint for the site;
  • Arbitration between different power consumers on the local grid for the benefit of all;
  • Avoidance of costly grid connection upgrades;
  • Reduced degradation of power equipment, especially batteries.

Our services

Comprehensive grid intelligence services

ENGIE Laborelec makes this happen. Our grid intelligence team configures, implements and monitors energy management systems (EMS) tailored to the site’s situation and needs. The service is based on a comprehensive analysis:


We analyze the site’s power supply resources, including the quality and reliability of transmission grid power and the availability of local power resources throughout the day and over the year;


We analyze the various power consumers on the site along with their peak demand patterns, and their importance for business continuity and safety;


We analyze the available on-site power storage and its capacity, performance, and life expectancy;

Business constraints

We analyze and evaluate the site’s business constraints and priorities, including safety and reliability, demand prioritization, energy efficiency and carbon footprint targets, and total cost of ownership.

Based on this analysis, we define and select the most appropriate EMS and configure and implement it on site. We also provide a follow-up service, which continuously monitors and tunes the system and its components.

As well as defining and configuring grid intelligence, ENGIE Laborelec can also help in selecting the most appropriate mix of local energy resources, and purchasing, configuring and installing local power storage. Read here for more about our comprehensive approach to converting local power grids into smart microgrids.


Smart electric vehicle charging

ENGIE Laborelec has also developed a smart charging solution for electric vehicles which implements grid intelligence. SMATCH is aimed at businesses who have a fleet of electric vehicles to be charged on site. Read here for more about SMATCH.

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