A powerful business case can be made for installing storage capacity to add to local power production resources. There are multiple benefits associated with being able to temporarily store power produced on site, including:

  • Emergency power backup—Battery systems can act as a backup power source in the event of transmission grid downtimes. They could even act as the sole power source in remote areas which are not connected to the transmission grid.
  • Grid stability—Battery systems can help stabilize the local grid whenever transmission grid power quality is below the required standard. This could be very important for process continuity, for example at industrial sites.
  • Peak shaving—Batteries can help reduce peak demand and thus avoid peak pricing and the need to upgrade grid connections.
  • Maximized auto-consumption—Battery systems can help maximize on-site consumption of locally-generated power, avoiding excess power being injected into the transmission grid.

Comprehensive battery system services

The challenge is to determine how much storage capacity would be optimal in a given situation. It’s a somewhat complicated ROI exercise because the value that the storage system brings is in part to reduce risks, involving much more than balancing costs and revenues.

Comprehensive expertise in battery and power grid technology is also vital in assessing costs and potential returns. Additional challenges involve configuring the battery so that it perfectly fits the purpose, and monitoring and maintaining the system for maximum performance and reliability.

This is where ENGIE Laborelec excels. Our power storage team provides comprehensive services in battery systems:

Battery sizing

We analyze your local power grid along with the local energy sources already installed or projected, and your current and expected energy demand. From this starting point, we develop possible scenarios for installing battery systems and implementing or reconfiguring grid intelligence. We take all relevant parameters into account, including peak shaving and auto-consumption constraints, backup capabilities, and stability requirements.

Battery selection and configuration

We help you select the most appropriate battery system. If required, we can also coordinate the installation, configuration and commissioning work. To reduce their exposure to stress, it is crucial that batteries are properly configured, consistent with the local grid’s energy management system configuration.

Battery health and performance monitoring

Optionally, we offer a follow-up service to continuously evaluate battery. Assessment is based on automated analysis of the battery’s operational data involving the calculation of a set of primary KPIs for each of the battery system’s banks. Deeper analysis at string or module level is also offered as an option, along with advice on how to reduce performance degradation.

In addition to the purchase, configuration and installation of local power storage capacity, ENGIE Laborelec can also help in selecting the most appropriate mix of local energy resources as well as defining and configuring the local grid’s energy management system. Read here for more about our comprehensive approach to converting local power grids into smart microgrids.

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